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Larry Winkler  
City Council
Title: Councilman

Larry WinklerLarry Winkler

Term Expires:  November 2018

Councilman Winkler was elected and sworn into office on November 14,  2016 to Seat  2 to complete the term previously held by Dennis Evans.

He is a former Dunnellon City Councilman serving as Mayor from 1995 to 1999. Councilman Winkler has been married for 53  years and they have lived in the Dunnellon area for the last 39 years.

Councilman Winkler believes Dunnellon is at a cross road and growth is imminent within our city limits.  He encourages Dunnellon to be prepared for these changes as he anticipates along with growth the City's challenges and obstacles will increase.

He feels Dunnellon is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers leading the City's Planning and Zoning Commission and applauds this board for recommending a Comprehensive Land Use Plan that other small cities envy.

Councilman Winkler recognizes the advantages the Rainbow River Conservation Group brings to Dunnellon and praises their efforts and commitment to Dunnellon.  He calls this dedicated group the “Watch Dogs” of the river and recognizes they are constantly in touch with Southwest Florida Water Management District and our State Representatives, advocating for better water flow controls and protection of the Rainbow River and making great strides in affecting change to care for the River.

Winkler said, "We have to work together and get ready for these changes.  We may need to compromise with growth, but at the same time stay environmentally friendly. We will also have to work together and create a balance between City Government and property owner rights, while at the same time, giving major consideration to the ecology."


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