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Citizens Advisory Task Force
Meetings are held on an as need basis to discuss CDBG funded projects and applications.

Agenda, Backup, Minutes & Audio

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Name   Term Start
 Linda Fernandez  November 21, 2016
 Jane Keele  November 21, 2016
 Terry Dunham
 November 21, 2016
 Cheryl Miller
 November 21, 2016
 Tad Wooten
 November 21, 2016
 Joe Campfield, Alternate   November 21, 2016
 Kathleen Goodloe, Alternate  November 21, 2016
 (Liaison)  November 21, 2016

The CATF is tasked with looking at CDBG funded projects and recommending to the City Commission whether specific improvements should be applied for.

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Board members are appointed by the City Council.

Disclosure: All board and Commission meetings are open to the public and are subject to the terms of the Sunshine Law.