Business Licenses

Business Tax Receipt

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Thank you for locating your business in our city. Before applying for your Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an occupational license), please take the time to read the following guidelines. You will find answers to many of your questions and, hopefully, this section will help you to obtain the required documents to operate your business. For further information on business taxes, refer to our Official Tax City Code.

Local Business Tax Receipt Requirements

If you do not maintain a permanent business or branch office in the City of Dunnellon, but you are a contractor doing business in the city limits, you must register with the Community Development Department .  Click here for more information. 

Opening a New Business

Before a business can be opened within the city limits of Dunnellon you must first:

  1. Verify zoning and obtain a change of occupancy / occupant or home occupation permit from Community Development.

  2. Apply for a City of Dunnellon Business Tax Receipt (formerly Occupational License). Please submit a completed Business Tax Application to:  

    City of Dunnellon, City Hall
    Business Tax Department
    20750 River Dr.
    Dunnellon, FL 34431

    All licenses relevant to your business need to be attached to your application; i.e., State Professional License (Florida Department Business professional Regulation), Division of Hotels / Restaurants, and health permits.

  3. After you receive your receipt, please display it in a visible area.


All people who operate a business or profession in the City of Dunnellon are required to pay a fee to obtain and maintain a Local Business Tax Receipt (BTR).

Fees are assessed upon issuance of your BTR, $60.29 per year, $30.15 for a half year. Tax receipt payments are due and payable by October 1 of each year and expire on September 30. (Half-year licenses apply to any new business opening after April 1 and expiring on September 30.) View schedule of fees for more details.

  • If you have paid the business tax fee and filled out the application, this does not give you permission to open your business.
  • If you have a water meter installed and water turned on, this does not give you permission to open your business.

To print an informational packet, click here.  For further questions or comments, email the City Clerks office or call 352-465-8500.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Phone Number
City of Dunnellon Tax Information
(352) 465-8500 
Marion County Tax Collector
(352) 368-8200
Marion County Health Department
(352) 629-0137
Division of Hotels and Restaurants
(850) 487-1395
Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco
(813) 272-2610
Child Care Licensing
(888) 352-2842
State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
(850) 487-1395
Agriculture and Consumer Services
(800) 435-7352