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Posted on: April 24, 2020

Notice Of Planning Commission Public Hearing Comp Plan Consistency Land Development Regulations

City of Dunnellon

An Ordinance Of The City Of Dunnellon, Florida,  Amending The Code Of Ordinances, By Amending Section 98-1 "Definitions" To Create A Definition For "High-Risk Activity," Amending Section 98-101 "Pre-Application Materials" To Reference "Well/Wellhead Protection Area Zones," Amending Section 98-102 "Preliminary Plat Application" To Reference "Well/Wellhead Protection Area Zones," Deleting Section 98-218 "Wellfields" And Creating A New Chapter 98, Article Vii, Entitled "Wellhead Protection" In Its Place To Include Provisions For Purpose And Intent, Applicability, Creation Of Well/Wellhead Protection Area Zones, And Use Regulations; Providing For Severability, Codification, Conflicts, And An Effective Date.

The City of Dunnellon Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for review of comprehensive plan consistency and recommendation to the City Council regarding adoption of Ordinance #ORD2020-06 amending Section 98-1 "definitions" to create a definition for "high-risk activity," amending section 98-101 "pre-application materials" to reference "well/wellhead protection area zones," amending Section 98-102 "preliminary plat application" to reference "well/wellhead protection area zones," deleting section 98-218 "wellfields" and creating a new chapter 98, article vii, entitled "wellhead protection" in its place. The public hearing will be conducted utilizing Communications Media Technology (CMT) via the Zoom platform, on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 5:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as can be heard. If necessary, this public hearing may be continued to a time and date certain by announcement at the scheduled hearing without any further written notice.

The application, filed under application number PZ2020-161 submitted by the City of Dunnellon, together with any back-up materials may be reviewed electronically upon request. For further information please contact the Community Development Department at (352) 465-8500, ext. 1010.

To access and/or participate in the City Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 5:30 p.m. held utilizing CMT via the Zoom platform you have the following options:

•  Watch the meeting online and provide public comment during the meeting via Zoom Platform:

Those requesting to speak during the virtual meeting, please complete the "Request to Speak Form" on the City’s website prior to the start of the meeting.  You must fill out all required information for the form to be submitted.  If you do not register and decide that you want to speak during the meeting, you will have the option in the Zoom Webinar to use the "raise your hand" feature and be recognized at the direction of the Chair. Zoom meeting instructions for the public participants are available on the City’s website.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone, download Zoom from the device’s app store.

For the May 19, 2020 meeting, please use the meeting web address to attend and watch the meeting by computer, tablet or smartphone.  The password to enter the meeting is 34431. Those whom have pre-registered to speak will be called upon.  If you have not registered to speak, please use the "raise your hand" feature in the Zoom Webinar.

•  Access audio of the Zoom meeting via phone

You may access the audio from your phone by dialing 1-312-626-6799. When the Meeting ID is requested, enter followed by # key.  When asked for a participant ID, press # key.  If you would like to speak during the public comment portions of the agenda, please press *9 on your phone to activate the "raise your hand" feature of Zoom.

•  Watch the meeting online via YouTube:

You may access the meeting by visiting the City’s YouTube Channel

•  Listen to the meeting on WDLN Radio, FM 104.9.

•  Provide public comment prior to the meeting:

You may provide written comments, evidence, and/or written testimony by emailing the City Clerk no later than May 19, 2020 at 12:00 Noon at or by regular mail at 20750 River Drive, Dunnellon, FL 34431.  Provide your full name and address.  If requested, written comments will be read into the record at the appropriate time.

For additional information or assistance please contact the following prior to the meeting:

1. For public comment questions: Mandy Roberts, City Clerk, or 352-465-8500

2. For questions on connecting to the meeting: Lonnie Smith, IT Manager, or 352-465-8500

Appeal: Necessity of Record.  Notice is given that if any person desires to appeal any action taken by the Planning Commission at the above hearing, a verbatim record of the proceedings may be necessary pursuant to Florida Statutes, 286.0105.  The City assumes no responsibility for furnishing said record, however, the hearings will be audio recorded by the City for public use.

If any accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 352-465-8500.

Posted on the City’s website:  April 23, 2020

Published in the Riverland News:  April 30, 2020

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