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Blue Run of Dunnellon Park

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  1. Kayak Launch
  2. Tuber Exit
  3. Walking Trails

Acquired in 2008 through a grant from the Florida Communities Trust, this park provides walking/birding trails, a 3-acre pond, access to the Rainbow River for kayaking, and is a popular exit point for visitors and residents tubing along the river. This is not a general swimming area.  It is a river exit and kayak launch only.

Parking is provided on Pennsylvania Avenue or San Jose Boulevard, also accessible from Blue Run of Dunnellon Park is the Tuber Exit operated by Marion County Parks and Recreation and the State of Florida Greenway Trail.


Adopted and proposed Ordinances that regulate the use of 

the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park


Ordinance #ORD2021-02 establishes rules and regulations for the Park.  Ordinance #ORD2022-02 will clarify the prohibition on commercial use of the Park. Ordinance #ORD2021-02 becomes effective on April 1, 2022. 


Chapter 46 of the City’s Code of Ordinances is amended to create Article III Blue Run Park. Section 46-79 of this Article establishes a prohibition on commercial use of the park. Section 46-81 establishes penalties, including a fine schedule for civil municipal code violations. Once both Ordinances are effective, the Code will read as follows:


Sec. 46-79. – Prohibition on Commercial Use.

  1. Commercial use of the park is prohibited except as otherwise provided herein.  
  1. For purposes of this section, ‘commercial use’ shall mean:
    1. the sale or rental of any item, good, concession, or merchandise within the boundaries of Blue Run Park; and
    2. the provision of any service performed within the boundaries of Blue Run Park regardless of whether compensation for such service is paid onsite or offsite. 
  1. Governmental provision of park services by Marion County for water-based recreation and/or other passive recreation programs are exempt from this section so long as such services are authorized both via Interlocal Agreement 2007-14 (entered into between the City and Marion County on May 14, 2007) and per the requirements of the Blue Run Park Management Plan.  The K.P. Hole shuttle service provided by Marion County (or its contractor on behalf of Marion County) is the sole transportation service authorized per the requirements of the Blue Run Park Management Plan.  
  1. This Section shall not be read to prohibit:


  1. emergency services such as ambulances, tow trucks, and roadside assistance; 
  2. performance of park-related services and activities for the City or other governmental agency as consistent with the Blue Run Park Management Plan; 
  3. engagement in expressive activities protected by the First Amendment;
  4. disability accommodations authorized by the City; 
  5. utility services provided on site or the maintenance of any utility improvements located on site; and
  6. activities or services the City must allow under state or federal law. 

Sec. 46-81. - Penalties—Fine schedule for civil municipal code violations. 

(a) Violations of the provisions of this Article, or failure to comply with any of the requirements as stated, shall constitute a civil municipal code violation. 
(b) Any person who violates this chapter or fails to comply with any of its provisions shall be issued a civil municipal code violation. 
(c) Contents of civil municipal code violation ticket. The ticket shall specifically describe the following: 

         1. Specify the nature of the violation and cite to the applicable section of this Article; 
         2. Indicate the amount of the fine; 
         3. Give notice to the violator that he or she must pay the fine within 30 days or appeal the ticket; and 
         4. Describe the procedures to be followed in either paying such fine or electing not to pay such fine and requesting a hearing before a                     county court official concerning the violation, and the penalty for failure to comply with the directions on the ticket. A sequential                         numbering system shall be used.  

(d) Computation of time. If the last day of any time period described in this section falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the time period shall run until the end of the next day which is neither a Saturday, a Sunday nor a legal holiday. 

(e) All civil municipal code fines under this Article, will be $50.00 per violation. 

(f) This section shall not apply to Sec. 46-80.


A list of all Park Rules may be found here: (link to list of rules)

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