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Animal Control
View the Animal Control Department for adoption information, animal reporting procedures, pet licensing and permits, and spay and neuter information.

Building Permits
View a list of permits that you will need before you start building.

Business Licenses
Find out how to acquire all of the various business licenses that are required by the City of Dunnellon.

Discover what lots are for sale in the cemetery.

City Maps
Browse through maps of the City of Dunnellon.

File Upload
Used for uploading large files

Find important information on the City of Dunnellon's Fire Department.

Household Waste & Recycling
Detailed information on waste and recycling in the City of Dunnellon.

Browse through information about the city's library.

Police Department
Discover contact information for and the responsibilities of the City of Dunnellon's Police Department.

Reverse 411/Urgent Notifications
Used for updating contact information in the reverse 411 system.

Request Tracker
Find available properties located in the City of Dunnellon.

Volunteer Program
Become more involved in your community be joining a volunteer program.

Water/Sewer Service with FGUA
Water/Sewer Service with FGUA